Here are some tools that can be useful for some of our WODs:

Weight Chart  – This chart can help you determine the amount of weight to use during some of our strength WODs.  Feel free to save it on to your phone/computer. – This link has a calculator that tells you what your personal best lifts might/could be based on your personal best from another lift.  Very interesting and fun to play with. – This links to an downloadable excel spreadsheet where you can plug your numbers to determine whether your one rep max is at the beginner, intermediate, advanced, or elite level. – This links you to a chart spreadsheet where you can input all your one rep maxes on the major lifts we perform and it will give you a breakdown of percentages.

Berkeley CrossFit Nutrition Seminar June 2016 – This is the link to the slides from the Nutrition Seminar held at BCF in June 2016.