Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m really out of shape and have not worked out in a long time or have never worked out in my life?

No Problem. Our On-Ramp class will teach you our core movements and prepare you for the physical and mental demands of CrossFit. We teach you methods on how to scale down certain workouts and manage muscle soreness.

What is an On-Ramp class, and why do I need to do it?

Our On-Ramp class is five classes, three classes during the first week and two during the second, that teach our core movements. Focusing on technique and form, and preparing you for the high intensity, physical and mental demands of CrossFit.

I can not make the times for the On-Ramp class or want to finish the On-Ramp quicker.

We will need to schedule you for 1 on 1 classes. Please contact us to set up dates and times.

What if I am not ready after the On-Ramp courses or do not feel comfortable joining a class yet? Can I take the On-Ramp class more than once?

You will only benefit taking the On-Ramp class once. If you are not ready for the group class we will do 1-1 sessions with you until you are ready.

I am a Berkeley CrossFit member, but I want additional 1-on-1 classes to work on ____________.

No Problem, contact us for the rate and to set up dates and times.

I’m scared.

Starting anything new is scary, but that means it’s also exciting. On-Ramp is a great way to ease into CrossFit training. From experienced athletes, students, to grandmas. They were all scared, but our coaches do a great job at helping each person ease into the program. We also provide you with our email and cell phone numbers in case you have any concerns.

Will there be someone checking my form and technique?

Most classes will have more than one coach walking around and checking your form and correcting you both in the timed and untimed portions of the workouts. Form and technique is extremely important when exercising at intensity. There is also a huge emphasis on full range of motion (ROM) so we can develop strength and neuromuscular pathways along the entire ROM. We stress form and technique.

I want to try 1 class before I sign up for the On-Ramp, Can I do that?

We generally do not allow for people to come in off the street to try a single class. The first reason is safety. It’s very dangerous for people to come in and try to keep up with advanced movements (or even the simple ones) at high intensity without the proper training.

The second reason is that CrossFit is so constantly varied, a single workout will not be representative of the way we workout.

But, every other week we do offer a free class for non-members and guests that will give you a good idea of what CrossFit is and how we like to workout.

What if I am a D1 athlete or have done CrossFit before? Can I skip the on-ramp?

Depends. We do offer people to test out of the On-Ramp program if they choose to. Extra emphasis on form never hurt and just about everyone can benefit from the reminder. If you feel competent enough, contact us and we can set you up to test you out of the On-Ramp program. After the test we might recommend taking a 1 on 1 class to clean up one or two of your movements.

Do I have to sign up for a year?

No, but we do want your commitment. With commitment comes success and we are interested in your success here. We can only help you if you show up for class. We recommend learning as much as possible about CrossFit before making a commitment. A unique statistic is that the people who come in at least 3 times per week are still coming to our gym and most are in the best shape of their lives and those that quit our program are inconsistent and never made a commitment to come in regularly.

What can I expect after my first workout?

You will most likely be very sore, but that should come as a wake up call rather than thinking that this training is too hard. If a person of the same age, weight, and gender is able to handle CrossFit at its highest intensity, then you should be able to handle a workout at a lower intensity with lower loads and volume.

Should I rest when I’m sore?

No, not unless you are so sore that you can’t move which sometimes happens when someone has been really de-conditioned for a long time. The best way to get rid of soreness is to move, stretch, exercise and get the blood flowing. Try not to rest more than 3 days since after that you will start to lose ground and lose your fitness.

How many times do you recommend coming in for beginners?

We recommend three times per week to get the benefits that we advocate. Two times would be minimum since after 3 days you will start to lose ground and lose your fitness. After your first couple weeks you can up your attendance to 5 days a week.

I don’t want to get bulky or muscular. What should I eat?

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and all have different goals.
Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, performance or strength. Each person and each goal requires a different meal plan, so we will sit with you and work with you to develop a meal plan that fits with your lifestyle.

Who has benefitted from CrossFit? Who does CrossFit?

Many professional and elite athletes are participating in the CrossFit program. Prize-fighters, cyclists, surfers, skiers, tennis players, triathletes and others competing at the highest levels are using the CrossFit approach to advance their core strength and conditioning, but that’s not all. CrossFit has tested its methods on the sedentary, overweight, pathological, and elderly and found that these special populations met the same success as our stable of athletes. We call this “bracketing”. If our program works for Olympic Skiers and overweight, sedentary homemakers, then it will work for you.

I work out all the time, but I do not see any results?

There could be a number of things going wrong. Berkeley Crossfit corrects those issues: Constantly changing workouts, correct mix of effective exercise, fixing technique and form, eating for fuel and recovery, increasing workout intensity, and safely pushing the mind and body to achieve amazing results. There are thousand of ways to your fitness goals: our job is to get you there the safest, quickest, and fastest way possible.

Any additional questions or concerns?

Please e-mail or call Chris: (510) 685-8295.