1. Anthony Consenze

2. Ian Donahue 

3. Temi Amorouwa 

4. Mark MacIntyre 

5. Martina Szeto   ______________


 Date: September 23-25

Where: Truckee (10 miles to North Tahoe)

Price: $150- (Includes Cabin and Food) *This price can go up and down $20(but will most likely stay the same)

Transportation: Carpool up Friday- any volunteers?

Generic Itinerary (open to all suggestions as well!)

Friday: Everyone arrive early afternoon to anytime in the evening. Enjoy the Cabin- bbq, cocktails, beer, hot tub, swimming pool, relax, tv, games, music.

Saturday: Semi-early hike led by Birthday Girl Kelly, or 20 minute Amrap at the house. At noon head to beach for 3-4 hours. Night time BBQ and enjoy the cabin again. Casino is also 15 minutes away if anyone want to go.

Sunday: …….

The cabin sleeps 17 people and we are just over half filled (transformation challengers had first option). After the 17 spaces are filled we will start another list and help the remaining folks find a cabin close by. Another option is going up on your own, renting your own cabin and joining in all of our activities.

I know you have questions so ask away!?



Everyone interested in a thin triblend hooded sweatshirt can vote on the next color combination. 1. Choose a sweatshirt color 2. Choose the main face color 3. Choose a trim color (voting will be done on the white board).


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