2016 CrossFit Open!


It’s here folks! Join the rest of the folks who have already registered @ http://www.crossfit.games.com (after registration go into your profile and add yourself to Team Affilaite: Berkeley CrossFit).

The Workouts will be announced every Thursday @ 5pm.  Come to the gym to watch it with some of the gang!

 The suggested day and time to perform the workout of the week is Friday nights.  Depending on the length and equipment needed for that specific workout; we will hold a minimum of 3 heats and if needed 4.  An example of heat start times will be- 5:15pm 5:45pm & 6:15pm (there will be sign up sheets in front of the gym).  When you arrive sign up and follow the warm up board.  15 minutes prior to your start time, a coach will go over the workout in detail and give you efficiency tips and answer all questions.  We would appreciate it if you came early and/or stayed late to help judge and cheer on your fellow competitors!  The open is a time to test our improvements from the past years of training and growing but more importantly  to come togther as one to have fun!  

More questions: Will the coaches do the workouts Friday as well? Yes, most will perform the workout @ 4:45pm- come watch and cheer them on!  

I can’t make Friday evenings-  that’s ok, all regular scheduled classes on Friday will be performing the workout.  

I can’t make Fridays at all- no problem, come Saturday or to any of the classes Monday morning/or noon and someone can judge your workout.

How does the in house team competition work?  As soon as everyone is registered we will divide teams- each team will be as balanced as possible.  The lowest combined score each week will receive a prize (drinks, shirts, etc.) The overall winner will also receive the Grand Prize!

Email or ask us any questions…


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