Dr. Acoba at Berkeley CrossFit!

Dr. Dwayne Acoba, a licensed chiropractor, will be offering his services to Berkeley Crossfit members! He works at other CrossFit gyms around the Bay Area and will be a great resource for anyone at BCF. He will be setting up shop a few hours a week in the gym!

The first session will be this Monday from 5:00PM to 7:00PM in 20 minute increments. Sign up via sign-up sheet at the gym. You can also contact him at this number: 562-261-3333.

The fee for members is $40 cash or credit card (a 50% discount over the regular office visit). It is okay to schedule the appointment before or after a workout. 

About Dr. Dwayne:

Dr. Dwayne Acoba comes to us from Long Beach. Graduating from Los Angeles Chiropractic College, Dr. Acoba has been a chiropractor for over ten years. Along with the traditional forms of chiropractic techniques and deep tissue medical massages, Dr. Acoba also specializes in Applied Kinesiology. Applied Kinesiology is a chiropractic technique that accesses the strength of the patient’s muscular system and balances them physically, chemically, and mentally. By balancing this triad, the body is able to access its energy to perform at a more efficient capacity. His patients included people from a wide variety of occupations in the entertainment industry, performers for Circ de Sole, teachers, etc… and anyone who wanted better performance in their lives like Crossfitters.

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